The Mindset and Value Reorientation programme is a collaborative programme which is designed for the youth demography of Delta State with public and private sector support to foster positive social attitudes, create platforms that will broaden opportunities through mindset and value reorientation programmes for inclusive youth development.

Strategies for achieving these include;

  • Employ-ability workshops and career fairs for undergraduates/graduates .
  • Life-skills development programmes for Secondary Schools
  • Engagement of private sector for youth development opportunities
  • Civic engagement programmes

Qualification Criteria:

  1. Beneficiaries of MVRP must demonstrate interest / willingness to participate.
  2. Participation is open to all Delta Youth while some engagement programme are targeted at youths within the age bracket of 15-29 years.


  1. Registration of Youths of Delta State Origin.
  2. Re-validation and database documentation of Youth-led/ Youth-focused organizations with the Ministry of Youth Development.
  3. Facilitate capacity development and entrenchment of Democratic Leadership process in governance and operations of Youth-led Organizations.