our commissioner

our Commissioner

Comr. Ifeanyi Michael Egwunyenga

Meet our principal officers

Mrs. Mogbolu Ngozi

Permanent Secretary

B.Sc. Agriculture Education

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Mr. Dioru Sheho

Director Youth Mobilization and Leadership

B.Sc. Sociology

LL.B, B.L.

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Mr. Efe Emmanuel Emuakpeje

Director, Youth Enterprise and Investment Promotion

B.A. (Hon.) Philosophy

Certificate in Senior Management Course

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Ikenyi Godwin A.

Director, Planning, Research and Statistics

B.Sc. (Hon.) Business Administration

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Mrs. Enuma Christy

Director, Administration

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Mrs. Anyafulu Anthonia Musoi (FCNA)

Director, Finance & Account

B.Sc. (Hon.), M.Sc. Banking and Finance