The Department of Youth Enterprise and Investment Promotion in the Ministry of Youth Development is charged with the following functions.

  1. Design and organize programmes on employability and entrepreneurial skill development for youths with focus on
    • Expanding Small Scale Enterprises
    • Life and Business Management Skills
    • Youth Investment
    • Do-it yourself programmes
  2. Involve the youths in relevant key sectors through collaborations with MDAs and the organized private sector;
  3. Create platforms for meaningful youth engagement and employment opportunities
  4. Supervisory oversight of youth investment programmes and projects of government;
  5. Organize Annual Youth Entrepreneurship Summit (YES) to encourage competition among youth enterprises and creative energies.
  6. Source and facilitate knowledge exchange programmes in youth development.

The Department of Youth Mobilization and Leadership in the Ministry of Youth Development is charged with the following functions.

  1. Organize and support viable programmes on youth education and leadership development programmes for Community-Based Youth Associated, Voluntary and Faith-Based Youth Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations registered with the Ministry;
  2. Supervise the activities of the Delta State Youth Council and Youth Parliament;
  3. Organize collaborative programmes on life skills and social engineering through mindset change and value reorientation;
  4. Initiate networking strategies for Delta State youths within the State and those in Diaspora to promote peer review, positive influence, and social mobilization;
  5. Registration and supervision of the activities of community-based, voluntary and faith-based youths organization and NGOs;
  6. Established and maintenance of database for the registration of all categories pf youths in Delta State i.e. unemployed, skilled and unskilled youths.

The Department of Administration in the Ministry of Youth Development is made up three (3) divisions:

  • Administration (Personnel) Division
  • Training and Staff Development Division
  • Budget and Supplies Division
Through the instrumentality of these divisions, the Department of Administration carries out the following functions.

  1. Confirmation and promotion of Staff
  2. Leave, Welfare and Disciplinary matters by applying the Civil Service Rules, Civil Service Commission Regulations, Financial Regulations, Circulars, etc;
  3. Training and Staff development
  4. Supply, allocation and maintenance of office furniture and equipment
  5. Allocation and maintenance of motor vehicles
  6. Treating specified matters related to personnel management
  7. Preparation of draft memorandum and speeches;
  8. Overseeing the preparation of Ministerial Reports;
  9. Participate in the formation, execution and reviews of policies;
Apart from these statutory functions, the Department also represents the Permanent Secretary at the NYSC Governing Board and the Ministry at the Inter-Ministerial Committee responsible for the maintenance of the Secretariat Building/Complex.

The Finance and Accounting Department in the Ministry of Youth Development consists of three sections viz; Salaries and Updates, Vouching and Retirements, Control and Treasury respectively and it is charged with the following functions.

  1. Advising the Honourable Commissioner and Permanent Secretary on Financial matters
  2. Preparing Bank reconciliation statement
  3. Posting of Cash book
  4. Raising of external and internal vouchers
  5. Retirement of all payment vouchers
  6. In-charge of SAP inputs form and request for the release of funds, virement, domiciliation and other related financial transactions
  7. Guiding the management on investment decisions when necessary.
  8. Analysing budget and advising based on the variance
  9. Interpreting financial statement and other accounting manuals
  10. Preparation of letters of non indebtedness/last pay certificate for staff and non staff.
  11. Preparation of salary update and other related updates
  12. Preparation of monthly and annaul appropriation account
  13. Safe keeping of accounting security documents
  14. Keeping of all votebooks
  15. Taking charge of receipts, disbursements and account for government funds.
  16. Reconciling Ministerial accounts with treasury accounts unit.
  17. Assisting in examining revenue collection to ensure compliance.
  18. Preparation of monthly transcripts
  19. Compiling of cashflow forecast and projection
  20. Preparation of periodic/annual financial reports of the Ministry
  21. Implementation of the approved accounting systems for the Ministry
  22. Interpreting of financial regulations
  23. Advising on the control and management of funds, investments, loans and guarantee for the Ministry.
  24. Any other appropriate duty or duties that maybe assigned.

The Planning, Research and Statistics Department in the Ministry of Youth Development is charged with the following functions.

  1. Collection of Data
  2. Preparation of Draft Capital Budget Estimates of the Ministry
  3. Execution of all Capital Projects, Construction, Purchase of Equipment for Youth Development Centre
  4. Act as Secretariat of the Ministerial Tenders’ Board;
  5. Routine Inspection, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and performance reports/scorecards of the Ministry’s projects and programmes;
  6. Prepare Technical Brief for Ministerial and State Tender Boards;
  7. Maintenance of completed Skill Acquisition Centres
  8. Issue letters of Awards of Contracts/Preparation of Contract Agreement.
  9. Conducting of Market Survey
  10. Registry